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Marsul is a Brazilian company that supplies proteins and ingredients to the global food industry. An enterprise that combines technology and highly qualified professionals to guarantee the product quality, according to the needs of each of our clients.


Marsul has a technology center with a laboratory for carrying out practical tests, with all the infrastructure to meet the required technical specifications. This guarantees the desired results for obtaining the right formulas for the industry. These differentials make Marsul the ideal partner in the search for increasingly efficient solutions. Marsul also exports its products to various countries in Latin America and other continents.

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Developed from soy flour to be used as an ingredient in various food product formulations. It provides functionality and nutritional value, giving texture and desirable characteristics to the final product.


Suitable for use in different segments of the food industry. It can be added directly to mixtures or previously hydrated in water at room temperature or chilled. It is recommended to use soy protein in concentrations of 2.0% to 4.0%, according to the Technical Regulation on the identity and quality of the final product.

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Each type of soy protein has its own peculiarities. By making a blend, it is possible to combine these characteristics, which are intrinsic to each product, and obtain at a specific solution that meets needs in terms of:


• Protein content;

• Water retention capacity;

• Emulsification power.

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Soy protein isolate has functional hydration and emulsion properties, forming a gel with excellent structure and high protein value. It provides meat products with an excellent texture, juiciness and slice ability, as well as functional stability in freezing, cooling and unrefrigerated processes, reducing the release of liquid into the product.


Injection protein, due to its specific characteristics, has excellent solubility, providing diverse uses in a wide range of products.

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These products have been developed to add flavor and aroma to chicken, pork and beef products, as well as plant-based products.


The product's technical data sheet contains directions for use in terms of quantities.




Providing a wide range of ingredient solutions for the food market.


To expand Marsul's operations in all regions of Brazil and South American countries by 2028, becoming a benchmark in the production of food ingredients through the quality and safety of our products and processes.


• People's well-being, focused on respect, safety, inclusion, and learning;
• Responsible and proactive attitude;
• Humbleness to learn and evolve;• Honesty in our purposes;
• Transparency in our actions;
• Respect for standards and the law;
• Economic, social, and environmental sustainability;
• The simple is always the best!



To satisfy our customers by supplying food ingredients of recognized quality, seeking to:

  • Meeting the needs and expectations of employees, controllers and other interested parties;

  • Continuously improving processes, products and the quality management system.

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